Office Furniture

Flexible office furniture program, including solutions for unique design requirements and complex installation projects

Category Overview

Corporate United realizes that buying furniture means more than collecting desks and chairs. Our Office Furniture program, through our partnership with Workspace Interiors by Office Depot and Inscape, is multi-faceted in order to meet a variety of our members' needs.

The benefits to our membership include the ability to meet design requirements, manage complex installation projects and provide flexible options for office furniture.

Program Highlights
  • Manufacturer-Negotiated Benefits Negotiated discounts and a high-quality product offering for members
  • Multi-Program Rebates Opportunity for individual and group rebates based on volume and participation in the overall Office Supplies Solution with Office Depot
  • Program Competitiveness Furniture discounts, as well as specific discounts for project furniture
  • Program Optimization As part of the overall Office Supplies Solution, Office Furniture receives all of the category management benefits of Office Supplies
Supplier Partners
Inscape logo

Inscape, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of office furniture, has been initiating change in workspace design for over 125 years. With an emphasis on quality, innovation, technical design and unparalleled delivery and service, Inscape has been consistently awarded for its design. Inscape collaborates with leading European partners and manufactures their designs in North American facilities. Inscape’s systems, storage, seating, wall, ergonomic and technology solutions delight users, foster agility and empower technology in the workplace. Flexible and designed for sustainability, Inscape products enable easy customization and readily adapt to keep pace with changing needs in the workplace. Discover more at

Workspace Interiors by Office Depot is Corporate United
Workspace Interiors by Office Depot

Workspace Interiors can manage every aspect of your next project — right down to the last detail. Whether you want someone to take on the entire process or work in a supporting role with a design and architectural firm, we’ll be there for you every step along the way. We’re a full-service, office furniture dealership you can turn to for all your comprehensive workspace needs. As a prominent North American dealership in the office furniture industry, we contract with top furniture manufacturers — and give you individual attention through more than 350 local service representatives. Ready to start? We’re ready to help.

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