Vendor Management System

Optimize complex contingent workforce programs and stay ahead of the industry with best-in-class cloud-based software

Category Overview

The Vendor Management System (VMS) program through Corporate United allows members to gain substantial benefits from increased flexibility and scalability, to compliance, cost savings and supplier management.

Our supplier partnership with IQNavigator helps your company stay ahead of the industry while using a VMS that is best-in-class in functionality, integration, and innovation.

Program Highlights
  • Cost Savings Competitive pricing through a pre-negotiated agreement and tiered pricing
  • Group Rebates Each member is eligible for an annual rebate based on growth of the group spend
  • Technical Support Level 1 Technical Support (For MSP) included at no cost, not typically offered outside this program for self-managed programs
  • Customizable Programs Solution compatible with any MSP and capable of integrating with any mainstream enterprise operating system
  • Global Coverage Globally scalable solutions
Supplier Partner
IQNavigator logo

IQNavigator is the leading independent technology provider of Vendor Management System (VMS) software for Global 2000 companies. IQNavigator’s products enable enterprises to intelligently manage and optimize complex services procurement and contingent workforce programs. Since 1999, IQNavigator’s products have been delivering procurement visibility and predictability, helping corporate leaders around the globe increase profitability, mitigate risk and compete more effectively. For more information about IQNavigator, visit

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