Telecommunications Management

Optimize strategic sourcing, local and long-distance services and telecoms expense management with our customizable program

Category Overview

The Telecommunications Management solution through Corporate United offers a customized approach, which includes strategic sourcing, a local and long distance program and telecom expense management. We ensure the best performing network, easy-to-manage billing, centralized control, highest overall bandwidth and value for the best possible price.

Our supplier partnership with Source One offers distinct telecom solutions to Corporate United’s members that fit your company’s specialized needs.

Program Highlights
  • Cost Savings Strategic sourcing scope delivered under a preferred contingency rates model
  • Customizable Program Inclusive of everything needed to drive a high-quality wired and wireless solution covering all voice and data telecom services at the best possible price
  • Strategic Program Three prong agreement including strategic sourcing, local and long distance program and telecom expense management (TEM)
Supplier Partner
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Source One

Source One has been a leading Procurement Service Provider supplementing client resources with cost reduction, strategic sourcing services and spend management solutions since 1992. The Source One process develops a secure and responsive supply base that is capable of providing quality, delivery, costs, technologies, flexibility and services to meet the current and future business needs. Source One has strategic sourcing and cost reduction solutions for businesses of all sizes, from the small to the mid-market and including the Fortune 500. More on the web at

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