Corporate Housing Solutions

Cost-effective temporary housing solutions for companies with projects requiring long-term housing for employees

Category Overview

Many companies have projects that require long-term housing for employees, and an extended hotel stay is not always cost-effective. That's where extended stay solutions comes in. Extended stay solutions are a furnished apartment, condominium or house available to rent on a temporary basis, usually for 30 days or more. 

With supplier partner Weichert Corporate Housing, the Corporate United program provides companies with a cost-effective and convenient solution for long-term stays. 
Program Highlights
  • Consolidated Billing and Reporting Weichert audits and processes all temporary housing invoices to ensure accuracy and simplified client billing, and provides detailed reports to help manage relocation component
  • Cost Savings Lower priced solution over a hotel, especially when hotel taxes are considered
  • Global Coverage Companies can book long-term housing around the globe
  • Improved Productivity Employees are more comfortable, leading to increased productivity and ability to focus on new projects
  • Special Leveraged Pricing Access to all of these services at a lower rate than you could get buying direct through Weichert Corporate Housing
Supplier Partner
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Weichert Corporate Housing

Weichert Corporate Housing is a leading national provider of the corporate housing and corporate apartments, fully furnished apartments for rent, short term rentals, temporary housing and serviced apartments for large enterprises, government agencies, military personnel and extended stay business travelers. Weichert Corporate Housing was founded on the belief that whether on temporary assignment or tackling a new job, employees should be free to concentrate on the job at hand and not preoccupied with the challenge of finding housing. Our team combines the national reach with local neighborhood expertise in major cities to meet your needs comfortably and conveniently – all from one of the most respected brands in real estate nationwide.

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